Through my photography & services, The Dub Exposure is all about putting your rides, club, ideas and/or business into focus. Creating imagery that puts you in the spotlight!
Hello my name is Aaron. I'm a freelance photographer based out of Florida. For over 2 decades now I've had a camera in my hand, which starting with a 35mm.
You may not be a photographer, but you have a vision, everyone does! What I've learned over the years of shooting is always reaching out to incorporate you, the owner!  What I mean is, I've gotten countless great shots all because of incorporating the perspective of that client into the shots I take, while additionally capturing the personality of the car... It just works & creates this connection and more personalized photographs between the client and their ride!
The oil, gas and grime from owning and driving vintage Volkswagen's over the years have been heavily saturated into the pours of my skin. Which has created the combination of photography & shooting these cars from pure drive & passion, It's always a blast getting out to shoot these cars!

My only question now is, will it be yours? 

Have any questions , idea's, suggestions etc? Please feel free to reach out to me anytime!   

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