Part 2 - 1975 Bay Window Bus hydraulic suspension build by Demon Motorsports

bay window bus Demon motorsports hydraulic suspension juiceboxbay

If you missed the intro the the #juiceboxbay build You can catch up by clicking this link here ( will open in a new window) Part 1
Part 2 We spend most of our time at the back of the bus!
In stock form, the engine hangs a few inches below the frame rails, meaning it would hit the ground well before the chassis, and that simply wont do! To remedy this, the engine and transmission were to be raised up out of the way to ensure that the bus will sit as low as possible. As the following details will describe, easier said than done...
Right off the bat the stock trans gearing + smaller tires would not work out for this build. With a split bus you can resolve a lot of driving / rpm  issue by removing the reduction boxes and usually all is good in the world. Not so much with this bay. The decision was made to work out the details to fit a Type 1 Beetle trans while still using the Type 4 fuel injected engine.
Type 4 fuel injected engine
Demon motorsports rear hydraulic assembly fits right between the center of the rear torsion housing inline with the torsions. With that installed the trans mount can now be sorted out to house the Type 1 beetle trans.
Rear hydraulic assembly
To make this work the nose cone was swapped with a split bus nose cone for the Beetle IRS transmission. The stock bug style rubber mount with custom brackets to attach it to the torsion housing.
Rear wheel lowered vs outter lower torsion housing
While the gearing in the Type 1 transmission was better additionally the size worked out as well as it leaves a lot more room for the tranny raise over the stock transmission which is quite a bit larger in size! Also the beetle transmission & split but nose cone provided a bit of a " free " tranny raise naturally, so any bit helps! The split bus nose cone also allows the shift rod to stay in the stock location. Win win!
Custom mustache bar brackets and a modified mustache bar were used to raise the rear of the engine. Overall the engine and transmission are approx 3" higher, give or take 1/2" or so. Plenty of room now to sit the frame on the ground! A mid mount still needs to be made but that will also use a type 1 stock beetle rear mounts.
The bus was sitting on the outter torsion housing where the plate cover is, so those were even cut down 1/2" off the bottom to squeeze every bit of Low it has to offer!

cut down 1/2" outter torsion housing
Needless to say once you get past that point of just lowering a bus and moving on to laying frame kind of lowing, a Type 2 split bus is a lot of additional work to make that happen. A type 2 Bay window bus is a lot of work X100 to make that happen. So much more custom fab and other factory bits in the way that either need removed , relocated or fabricated up to work.
juiced bay and juiced split bus
Over all the #juiceboxbay is turning into an awesome build and this is certainly a late model bay you can't pass up!
Stay tuned for the next follow up! we suspect a part 3 and maybe a part 4 to this build, we'll see and you guys get all the behind the scenes first look at all of this!! Most of this stuff isn't even posted on Demon Motorsports Page, only the features we put out!
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