Part 3 Grand finale 1975 Bay Window Bus Hydraulic Suspension Build By Demon Motorsports,

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The Dub Exposure
*If you have not seen Part 1 or 2 you can catch up by following these links here*
Part 3 # juiceboxbay
The Majority of part 3 is going to be photos with some captions. mostly finalizing the hydraulic suspension & fabricating portion of the build by Demon Motorsports
The ultimate goal was to make it to the 2018 Florida Bug Jam whether it was done or not... Not entirely complete but it certainly made it!
Some of you may have even seen it!
(as pictured above w/ Demon Motorsports #demonbus)
The main part of the Front wheel tubs fabricated and installed. The seats will be form fitted to the tubs
A nice clean non invasive switch layout.
Looks good & fits well!
Making the Rack & Pinion work on this late bay. Much love for the Rack setups additionally offered on Demon Motorsports hydraulic kits!
Here you can see the custom trans mount for the trans raise as well as for beetle IRS transmission that was used. Additionally, you can see where the rear kit mounts in line with the torsion housing and is welded in.
Every bit counts! You can see where the bottom of the outer torsion housing was even cut back
Back interior of the car you can see where the rear tubs were added for clearance the wheels/tires.
The bullet hole in the glass as it came was destined for removal, until the brilliant idea of just sticking a cork in it! It works.......for now!
Hitting the road & it's Very first fill up! .
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