Patina Or Paint? What No One Talks About!

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Do you like a nice well done shiny paint job or do you like the aged , weathered rusty Patina look?

 What do you side with?

Abandoned VW Bus 

Either way, there is no doubt about the never ending feud between paint & Patina. You're almost guaranteed to see individuals bickering back and forth about leaving it as is or painting it.

 Single Cab ron jons bug bash 2018

It's safe to say the patina craze is beyond a fad and more of an ever growing part of the evolution in the Volkswagen community, additionally the automotive scene as a whole!

The days of " I'll get to it one day " have become less and less and more cars than ever are being pulled from the woods, garages, even lakes and other long forgotten places. Thrown together then driven, while some are quite a bit sketchy to be on the road!  I'm confident to say that we can thank the rusty, patina cult for this one! At this point it may seem like I'm biased to the rusty patina cars BUT, I will dig into that here shortly!

vw bus demon bus  21 window micro bus custom

With all of these abandoned derelict showing up at shows and meets all over the world there is no doubt it has clearly grown at global scale!  They have brought forth some quite unique, rare, prototypes & even unknown to exist cars! For all you paint guys this is where you can bask in all your glory! We know it takes a lot of great skill for proper metal work, fabrication , prep and paint to make a car right and presentable to it's factory original form. Often left in a museum to admire like a work of art.


At what point do you leave a car alone to preserve it's look, history,markings & wear..? The story that plays out in your head when you look at it, those stories and history are sometimes far more powerful than a full on restoration job.

As an automotive photographer, I dream of barn finds, abandoned cars in the woods etc...Except my goal is to photograph them! Sure it's awesome to unearth a car and bring it back to life, but I want to capture those raw moments before all the disruption. The full effect! Dust, dirt , unique weathering, fading , the layers of paint mother nature chips away over decades of never leaving it's spot... 

rusty vw bus tree ring bus

Through a very long period of time VW's were quite worthless and you could often times get them for free! OR, just simply sent off to the crusher, we've heard the stories. I always wonder How did this car survive through all of that? why is it here? where has it been, what has it seen? 

abandoned square back

I think it's fair to say that an extremely small percentage of people who are all about restorations , perfect fab work every nut and bolt detail and perfect paint jobs will actually follow through with the amount of time effort work & funds alone to bring back some of these cars. 

ragtop square back

The times have changed it's now acceptable to show up to an event or car show and be able to join if your car is full of rust or patina etc... Also we can now thank the Patina evolution for digging these cars out of their forgotten lands and now potentially becoming available for you to restore! It comes around full circle! 

hightop bay window bus

After all the bickering trying to convince everyone to agree with our ways paint or no paint. Patina sucks , paint sucks.... We all show up to the shows hang out have a good time and it ultimately becomes irrelevant....Or is it! 

where do you stand? what do you drive? Do you have a story to share?  let us know in the comment section or contact us directly. We would love to hear it!! 

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