1975 VW Bay Window Bus Hydraulic suspension build by Demon Motorsports

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If you're not familiar with Demon Motorsports Hydraulic Suspension kits you can read our full featured article here!  *Click here to open a new window*

This 1975 Bay window bus is the first Type II Bay window to get the hydraulic kit. The Type II split bus kit has been available for some time now.  A lot of you might be thinking, " ah man a late model bay ". Just stick around , trust me!

The bus as received "looks" far worse than it actually is and has a jam packed list full of modifications that will be taking place! We are here to cover that for you! The build itself is solid good content and top level fabrication by Demon Motorsports !

 The '75 will be using a custom built Full hydraulic bay window style front beam with a 2" raise. This will be a ball joint style beam with a custom rack and pinion steering system in it. "A lot of customers  request the rack and pinion, we can do it!"

(Note- A Split bus hydraulic style beam is another option. However, this build the customer is sticking with the bay window style beam to utilize the stock parts already available.)

(Below- is the stock beam location)

 (Below is the cut out for the beam raise.)

(Below is the full length cut out for the beam for test fitment.)

 (Below is an inside view of beam raise in the floor.)


Since we've covered a bit on what's going on up front. A little note with what's going on out back. The rear will get frame notch for clearance and rear horse shoe plates.


(Pic Above- Rear frame section cut out preparation for boxing in frame notch)

 ( Pic Above- Frame notch section boxed in and reinforced..)

We've laid down a solid idea of what's going on with this '75 Baywindow.Stay tuned for the next part of the series in this build! We will talk more about the Beetle IRS that's going to be mattted to the stock Type 4 fuel injected engine w/ a tranny raise!


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